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intro to Snow camping at Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic Park (Igor)

Description: Please see Full Description
Location: Lassen Volcanic NP, North Cal.
Date: Friday, March 23, 2018
Repeat Type: ,Inclusion Dates=3/23/2018 3/24/2018 3/25/2018
Time: All day event
Created by: igor landau
Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 12:54am GMT
Destination: Lassen Volcanic NP, North Cal.
Organizer: Igor Landau
Meeting Time and Place: 12pm 643 Forest Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301
Event Email:
Activities Involved: Backpacking,Cross Country Ski/Snow Shoe,Potluck,Winter camping
Activity Distance: 6ml
Total Elevation Gain: 600ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Route Summary: Please see Full Description
Estimated Finish: Sunday night
Total Driving Distance: 300ml
Total Shared Cost (Equally divided amongst all carpoolers including the driver, estimated): 160
Bring Lunch: Y
Hiking Boots: Y
Suncreen: Y
Hat: Y
Headlamp Required: Y
Water: 2L
Other things to bring: Detailed gear list will be provided to all confirmed participants.
Dogs: uncertain
RSVP required:
Full Description: (this is the 1st on several winter camping trips I plan for this year, now that the snow is falling - other trips will take us to Yosemite and Crater Lake NP in Oregon
and well as Natural Hot Springs in Lassen and Easter Sierra - stay tuned to additional announcements...)

It's time again to visit Cinder Cone in all its natural white splendor.
(I had to reschedule this trip from Feb to March due to personal circumstances.)
Here are a few pictures of what you can expect:

On this trip we will be XC skiing, breaking trail as a group in pristine snow,
our destination is a Cinder Cone volcano in northern California.

No XC experience is required - you will pick it up as we go slowly.
But all participants are expected to be in good physical shape and have had past
multi-day backpacking & camping experience.

Trip's itinerary outline is as follows:

We can meet as a group to discuss this trip earlier in the week on Tuesday the 20th.
Location Whole Foods in Palo Alto, at 7:30pm. Please e-mail me if you would like to come.
We will meet as a group and go over the gear list, trip plans, food, logistics, etc.
I will provide introduction to winter & snow camping and answer questions.
This meeting is mandatory for all who have not yet gone camping with me before or,
would like an opportunity to learn more about winter/snow camping.

Friday, March 23rd, meet in downtown PA at noon, all packed and ready to go.
We'll pack into a rented minivan/SUV and head north toward Lassen
beating the rush hour traffic madness going to toward Tahoe.
Dinner stop along the way in Redding then, once at the trail head,
we'll have ~30-40 minutes of skiing in to our campsite, at night, to warm everybody up and get a head start on our way toward Cinder Cone.

Saturday, March 24th., after breakfast we'll ski ~6ml, the rest of the way to the foot of Cinder Cone, set up camp, make a snow kitchen, cook a group dinner and turn in for the night.
Weather permitting, we can do a short ski trip before bedtime to warm up.

Sunday, March 25th., there will be an optional ski ascent up Cinder Cone after breakfast, then we'll pack up and ski back to the car.
The way back is all gentle downhill - we should be back at the car in just a few hours. Quick dinner stop on our way back.

Space on this trip is limited to enable me to provide proper guidance to all so,
all interested, please e-mail me at igorlandau (at) yahoo (dot) com with your
1. past backpacking experience,
2. any experience in snow, cold weather,
3. XC or any other ski or snowshoe experience.

A deposit of $160 via paypal will secure the spot for all approved & confirmed participants and cover car rental and fuel expenses and some of the group food & cooking fuel.

All needed gear, XC skis, warm sleeping bags, pads, tents, etc., can be rented at Stanford SOG:

You are responsible for your own gear, food and some group gear such as tent, etc.
All these details will be covered in the group dinner on Tuesday.

Looking forward to hearing from all interested in this and other winter camping trips....

(650) 387-508three

Questions - please email me at:
igorlandau (at) yahoo (dot) com
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