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Trip to climb Mt. Whitney

Description: We will leave the Bay Area on or around July 28 to drive to Tioga Pass in Yosemite. We'll plan on trying to get a campsite just outside of Yosemite to sleep and hike above 10,000 feet to hopefully get acclimated to the higher altitude (Whitney is 14,500 feet) and high altitude illness is a major challenge for some people. We will be car camping at both this campground and whatever campground I'm able to get close to Whitney. I also have other ways to cope with that. Two days before picking up our permits in Lone Pine we will climb Mt. Dana in Yosemite (13,000 feet). Wednesday we'll drive to Lone Pine to pick up our permits for the climb on Thursday August 2. We will plan on doing the climb up and back in one day. It' a beautiful mountain (and the highest in the lower 49 states (you will definitely have some bragging rights). We will plan on starting the drive back on Friday. To reserve a place on the trip and a permit for the climb please send a check for $15 to Craig Keith, 8355 Westwood Drive, Gilroy, CA 95020. The first 7 checks I get will assure you will be on the trip (I only won the lottery for 8 permits and I'll be using one.). There are other challenges concerning the climb which I will be sending out lots of information on to be as sure as possible that we will have a safe and enjoyable trip. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Just as an addendum, the first time I did this trip I was not at all sure I could make it - but I did and have never been sorry I took the chance and since then have summited five more times. I missed on three other occasions for a variety of very logical reasons - but was still glad I tried. I'd love to have you along if it sounds good to you.
Location: Yosemite near Tioga Pass and Mt. Whitney
Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018
Created by: Craig Keith
Updated: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 12:59am GMT
Destination: Tioga Pass in Yosemite and Mt. Whitney
Organizer: Craig Keith
Meeting Time and Place: To be decided depending on the carpools that get set up.
Activities Involved: Hiking
Activity Distance: Various
Total Elevation Gain: Various
Difficulty: Quite difficult due to climbing Mt. Whitney in one day (22 miles up and back) with 6, 500 feet of elevation gain at high altitude.
Route Summary: We will be climbing up the main Mt. Whitey Trail beginning at Whitney Portal.
Estimated Finish: August 2
Total Driving Distance: 800-900 miles total
Total Shared Cost (Equally divided amongst all carpoolers including the driver, estimated): Estimate possible $200 - $300
Bring Lunch: Y
Hiking Boots: Y
Suncreen: Y
Hat: Y
Headlamp Required: Y
Water: 4L
Other things to bring:
Dogs: not allowed
RSVP required: Y
Full Description: Much more information will be sent to those reserving a permit by sending me a check for $15 (see above).
Attachments: None
Comments: None

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