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2nd Winter/Snow camping trip - Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic Park

Description: 2nd Winter/Snow camping trip - Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic Park
Date: Friday, March 8, 2019
Repeat Type: ,Inclusion Dates=3/8/2019 3/9/2019 3/10/2019
Time: All day event
Category: backpacking*
Created by: igor landau
Updated: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12:12am GMT
Destination: Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic Park
Organizer: Igor Landau
Meeting Time and Place:
Event Email:
Activities Involved: Winter camping
Activity Distance: 7ml
Total Elevation Gain: 1000ft
Difficulty: medium+
Route Summary:
Estimated Finish: 11pm Sun.
Total Driving Distance: 350ml
Total Shared Cost (Equally divided amongst all carpoolers including the driver, estimated):
Bring Lunch: Y
Hiking Boots: Y
Suncreen: Y
Hat: Y
Headlamp Required:
Water: 2L
Other things to bring: detailed gear list will be provided to interested participants......
Dogs: uncertain
RSVP required:
Full Description: This is a notice of intent for the 2nd Winter/Snow camping trip to Cinder Cone Lassen Volcanic Park.
This trip is open to all people with previous winter/snow camping experience who would like to learn how to enjoy camping in the winter & snow.
If you do not have previous experience with snow camping or XC skiing please come to the 1st Intro trip to Lassen the weekend of Feb 22nd-24th.

here is what you can expect:

An detailed gear list (most of the items can be rented at Stanford SOG and/or at other places in the bay area,) will be provided to all interested participants - if interested in joining, please email me at igorlandau (at) yahoo (dot) com with your:
mobile #
previous experience with:
Camping & Backpacking,
Skiing of any kind and/or snowshoeing (non is required - you'll learn fast:)
Do you have a reliable vehicle and/or willing to drive
Any concerns or questions, etc?

There will be a pre-trip group meeting, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 26th in downtown Palo Alto at 7:30pm, location TBD - all interested participants can come and we will go over the trip plan, gear list, etc., and I'll answer any question you my have.
This meeting is Mandatory for all who have not yet gone camping with me before.

The tentative trip plan is as follows (Note: we'll be taking 1/2 a day off on Friday, March 8th.)
Friday, March 8th, meeting in downtown Palo Alto at noon, we'll load up into a rental mini van and depart by 1pm to beat the rush hour traffic heading to Tahoe.
After dinner in Redding, we'll head to the trail-head in the Butte Lake entrance of Lassen Volcanic Park and car camp (on the snow) after skiing in to warm up for ~1hr.
Saturday 9th., we'll ski to Cinder Cone and camp there for the night.
Sunday 10th., we'll ski back down to the cars and drive back
via Chico where we'll stop for dinner.
ETA back in Palo Alto by 11pm.

This is a trip of medium+ difficulty, perfect to learning how to XC/BC ski (we'll be going slowly - its easy,) skis (also fairly easy,) as well as camping on the snow.
its a perfect preparation for the next trip up to Crater Lake in Oregon where BC skis will be required. Also for a trip to the secret hot springs in Lassen in late April, mid May...
(the Crater Lake trip tentatively scheduled for mid April...)

This trip will be limited to 5-7ppl, depending on your level of experience.
People who also intend on joining the subsequent trip to Cinder Cone will be given a priority
as will be people with previous winter/snow camping experience who will be willing to help with organisation, etc.

Cost: $150 deposit per person will secure your place in this trip
and will pay for the cost of renting the mini-van, fuel, park fees, group gear, etc.
(each participant is still responsible for their own individual gear and food.)
Deposit will be submitted via PayPal - this will help with tracking who paid, etc.
All unused monies will be refunding after the trip.

This is a non-smoking trip - thank you :)

Any questions - please email me - I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Igor Landau

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