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Hike in Teague Hill OSP


Continue the new year right with some great aerobic exercise to benefit your body and the beauty of nature to feed your soul (or ameliorate any nature deficit disorder you may be experiencing). Teague Hill is a unique MIDPEN open space preserve with most of the trails having been made by equestrians, (lots of people in Woodside have horses). As a result, the trails are primitive in places and also steep in places. This OSP has no trail names, signs, or official maps, and is as near to wilderness as you can get this close to civilization. It can be challenging due to fallen trees (a number of which I encountered last month), and then trails turned into to creeks and regular creeks being tough to cross and slippery slopes if it's rained recently - look at this as possibly quite an adventure! This is NOT an easy hike - we'll be doing 7-10 miles and 1800-3000 feet of cumulative elevation gain with some REALLY steep trails both up and down in places. Bring lunch and AT LEAST 2 liters of liquid especially in case it's warm. It would be advisable to wear layered clothing, cool for going up the hills, warm for lunch and going down the hills. Sunscreen and hats are at your discretion. I usually wear neither in this OSP as the trails are mostly shaded. If it's cold, a hat to keep your head warm could be good, as well as light gloves. In addition, footwear with good deep tread will help on the steep and possibly slippery sections. Bring whatever raingear works best for you in your car (I'll be bringing my umbrella) in case there is rain.
Also, if you use hiking poles, this would be the place to use them (I have a pair I'm willing to loan out). Hiking gators can help keep the pebbles out of your boots and stickers out of your socks but are definitely optional.
Meet in the parking lot of the Woodside Elementary School NEXT TO THE TENNIS COURTS.
From 280, take the Woodside Road exit, then Woodside Road going up the hill to and through Woodside for 1.2 miles. The school will be on your left not too far after the firehouse. Turn into the parking lot right NEXT TO THE TENNIS COURTS. If for any reason this parking lot is full and there is room to park on the streets, that should work - but do watch out for parking restrictions on some streets. If the parking lot is inaccessible due to a parade, etc., we will meet in the parking lot of the Woodside Town Hall that is back 0.6 mile (0.6 mile from 280)across from the Chevron Station.
Apparently there is no public transportation into Woodside, so I would like to offer a ride to anyone who can't or doesn't want to drive. I will be leaving from the vicinity of De Anza College at 10:20 AM or we could possibly NEGOTIATE another meeting point.
Also, if anyone would like to meet me at De Anza College 7:30 AM to do the De Anza Flea Market for a couple of hours before the hike, I'd be happy to have you ride with me. PLEASE call or email me to arrange any of these. There is usually some great hiking gear as well as other great stuff available at the flea market for sometimes unbelievably great prices. There now seems to be one restroom open at the Woodside School, but definitely none in Teague Hill (except for the whole park - bring Toilet Paper). I now have a cell phone in case you need to contact me (408-833-0955 ). Once again, this may be co-listed with the Sierra Club (you may be asked to sign their liability wavier) and possibly other groups. Hike goes rain or shine.
Location: Woodside, Teague Hill OSP
Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019
Created by: Craig Keith
Updated: Saturday, May 25, 2019 10:57pm GMT
Destination: Teauge Hill OSP, Woodside
Organizer: Craig Keith
Meeting Time and Place: 10:30 AM at P&TS for self-carpool or 11:00 AM in the parking lot of the Woodside Elementary School NEXT TO THE TENNIS COURTS (SEE ABOVE FOR EXCEPTIONS). If you will be planning to come from P&TS and might need a ride or could provide one, please email me so I can either facilitate a match OR I could possibley pick you up at P&TS.
Event Email:
Activities Involved: Hiking
Activity Distance: 7-10 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 17000-3000 ft.
Difficulty: Strenuous due to distance, elevation gain, primitive trails.
Route Summary: Not applicable (no trail names). We will discuss possible routes and trailheads at the carpool point.
Estimated Finish: 6 - 7 PM1
Total Driving Distance: 10 miles
Total Shared Cost (Equally divided amongst all carpoolers including the driver, estimated):
Bring Lunch: Y
Hiking Boots: Y
Suncreen: Y
Hat: Y
Headlamp Required: Y
Water: 2L
Other things to bring: light warm hat, light warm gloves, hiking poles (op), hiking gators(op).
Dogs: not allowed
RSVP required: Y
Full Description: See above.
Attachments: None
Comments: None

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